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Welcome to the sinister realm of Morgue House Records, a label that delves into the abyss of dark and brutal music. With an unyielding commitment to the macabre, Morgue House Records proudly stands as a bastion of terror, actively haunting the music industry to this day.

Within the foreboding halls of Morgue House Records, there lies a singular obsession—a sonic odyssey crafted exclusively by the infernal band known as Hog Bitch Massacre, fronted by the enigmatic figure known only as the Slaughterman. Like a congregation of demons, this unholy union hails from the depths of the underworld, fusing unrelenting ferocity with the darkest depths of the human psyche.

Drawing from the depths of their malevolent souls, Hog Bitch Massacre engulfs the listener in a maelstrom of sound that both repels and seduces. Their music, a grotesque tapestry woven from the entrails of sanity, lures you into a blood-soaked spectacle of auditory brutality. The Slaughterman's haunting and demented vocals serve as a gateway to a realm where nightmares are born and the fabric of reality unravels.

Morgue House Records, a nocturnal sanctuary for the deranged, spares no expense in curating a visceral experience. With each release, the label summons forth a pandemonium of sonic terror, defying the boundaries of what is considered normal or acceptable. The discography of Hog Bitch Massacre, the label's sole emissary of sonic devastation, stands as a testament to their ferocity and unflinching commitment to horror-infused artistry.

Step into the unhinged world of Morgue House Records, where the walls drip with madness and the air resonates with dissonance. Prepare to be consumed by the auditory carnage crafted by Hog Bitch Massacre, led fearlessly by the Slaughterman, as they spearhead the label's campaign of sonic damnation.

Caution: Morgue House Records' music is not for the faint of heart. It is a realm where the macabre reigns supreme and the grotesque is celebrated. Brace yourself for a descent into the abyss, for once you enter, there is no escape from the clutches of Morgue House Records.

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